How Inaara Came Into Being

When I was growing up in Karachi, I learnt about islam the way many of us do today – genealogically. Being a muslim for me was traditional, it was fused with societal norms, after effects of colonialism, and cultural globalisation. It’s purity was stained with these extras and this tainted new religion stopped making sense to me. To top it all, I had nowhere to go where I felt comfortable and safe so that I could make sense of what I deep down did believe to be the Truth.

The disconnect happened, and I forgot about how important this aspect of life is. And it wasn’t until after I graduated from university that I decided to give the Truth one more shot.

All these years later, there was still no space where I didn’t feel judged, where I didn’t feel that I was definitely going to Hell, where fear wasn’t the only way of getting to know God.

Eventually, I travelled to the UK where I learnt the basics of faith along with intensive Classical Arabic and all praise is for God, I reverted – as I like to say – back to Islam. I re-learnt the beauty of Islam, learnt about the islamic community during the time of the Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم and the companions, and ever since, I have been determined to establish a community space in my city, built on those same foundations.

Inaara aspires to be a Prophetically inspired community embracing and welcoming individuals from all backgrounds while educating each muslim with their basic faith requirements – authentic, pure and directly from the source – The Quran and the authentic Sunnah.

Our Methodology

Inaara provides young adults with the Prophetic model of a community that welcomes and embraces people from all backgrounds. We provide a social and spiritual space where you can express yourself with complete acceptance, without judgement, just like the community of the companions of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم.

At Inaara Academy, we teach basic and more importantly, authentic islamic knowledge, in the light of only the Qur’an and the Sunnah, in the manner that the companions interpreted it. By sticking to the basics, and to Islam’s roots, we remove doubts and confusions form our hearts that arise because of new variations of interpretation.

Our aim is to help you realise your purpose and of how your story matters. Each individual’s life is an experience unique to them and there is purpose behind it. Through our coaching program, we assist you in reconciling with your past using it to create your future, while savouring every moment of your present.

Our Philosophy


A verse of the Qur’an best describes the origins of our philosophy here at Inaara. God says to us,

“Do not be like those who forget God, so God causes them to forget their own souls.” (59:19)

As in, it is the remembrance of God that allows us to connect with our soul, gain self awareness and reach a state of contentment.

We provide specifically designed courses that teach the first principles of Islam, the understanding of which is essential in order to solidify our connection and bond with God. Simultaneously, our tailor made, 1:1 coaching program allows individuals to increase their self awareness and align their life with their new insights, living an intentional and purposeful life.


Inaara provides individuals with the recipe they need to connect with their souls and live a life of fulfilment.

Embark on your journey to learn, grow and fulfil the needs of your soul


Anum Shahid

Anum Shahid

Anum is the founder, director and an instructor at Inaara. She graduated from Northeastern University with a BSc in Psychology and a minor in Business. She went on to graduate from the Arabic Intensive Program at Ebrahim College, UK. Upon returning back to Karachi, she completed her Alimiyyah degree from Burooj Institute. She has a wafaq certification in Tajweed and an Ijazah in qira’a of hafs ‘an ‘asim from Shaykh Fahd Kharoof. 

Anum is a Master Coach and has a Faith-Based Life Coaching practice where she assists young adult women to heal their internal world and live a God centered life. She also offers Faith Dilemma and Transition Coaching for those who feel distant in their faith or are looking to change their lifestyle. She is an NLP certified Master Coach, Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and is currently being taught by Christine Hassler and 3 other leading coaches through the Elementum Coaching Certificate. 

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