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What students are saying

“So I took Qaidah classes with Anum and it was the best decision I ever made! I’ve read the Quran before but my knowledge of the right rules wasn’t clear, which made reading the Quran so much harder. Going slowly following the Qaidah was so nice and Anum let us take our time and learn how to read the Quran properly. She was always patient with us and kept the classes short enough that it didn’t even take up so much time. My understanding of the rules has improved so much and my pronunciation has become so much better! I actually feel confident reading the Quran now. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to read the Quran to take this class because it will make the process so enjoyable and easy.”

– Rija

“I started Anum’s classes thinking it’ll help me read the Quran faster but it’s not just helped me with that but also i am able to read the Quran so much clearer and have way more fluency than I could imagine. I love how dedicated Anum is, the only thing required from me is to show up. It’s a tiny commitment with many benefits. The class size is small so she really makes sure to focus on each one of us. I can’t thank Anum enough for this opportunity and would recommend it to absolutely everyone.”

– Komal

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